Sunday, 13 May 2012

"Dingbat" strikes again

In amongst all the serious and not-so-serious stuff happening lately, I've been cheered to see that one of my favourite Nat MSPs - Christine "Dingbat" Grahame - has been mouthing off, after months of silence.

She's had a go at the Royals:

“Give them credit, they are good at the re-inventing malarkey. After the Diana nonsense, when complete strangers lemming-like threw themselves into publicity-driven grief, through Charles and Camilla’s redemption, we are now spoon-fed the William & Kate Show, the latter ironically committed like her deceased predecessor to remaining stick thin for photogenic reasons."

For reference, here is a picture of the fragrant Duchess of Cambridge (oh yes, Countess of Strathearn, for the picky):

And here is one of "Dingbat":

I don't know about you, but I reckon that before you criticise somebody else's appearance, you need to think a wee bit about your own. It's even in the Bible somewhere.

When I look at this picture of "Dingbat", immediately after thinking "AAARGH! My EYES!", the phrases "two badly-parked Volkswagens" and "gravity in action" leap to mind.

As for the hairdo, I assume it is a perfect fit for the tinfoil helmet she must wear at home.

She also went on to expressed irritation that the John Lewis store sold items branded with the Union flag.

“As a Scot that also gets my goat."

That's it - goat! That's what that picture reminds me of!

Look, you utter Doris, we are all British and this year is the Diamond Jubilee of Her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Have you got that yet?

I sincerely hope that His Immensity Kim Sal Mond will allow "Dingbat" full freedom to campaign in the forthcoming referendum. Seriously.


The Aberdonian said...

I believe it was one of your fellow Tories who for a period was locked in intense "inter-party" co-operation with C G during the second parliament. So she is not without her charms amongst the Tories. Wonder what Ruth thinks----

Good picture of Zita, er I mean Kate.

As much she is an eccentric fruitcake, a la the Nicky Fairbairn mode, C G does have a point in her comments.

(Talking of Fairbairn,to think that some woman tried to kill herself for this apparent Adonis ---

The royals are good at re-inventing themselves to survive. It is helped by a compliant press and a goldfish memory from the populace which Orwell would note. Would Camilla be such a public figure if her predecessor was still breathing? Think not. I always admire the quality press in its gymnastics to excuse behaviour that it would condemn amongst mere mortals. But they do live in a gilded cage.

TBH I respect the Queen and Rothesay. They have done as well they can of done under the circumstances. A few years back I felt a bit offended when my Danish friend said "Your Queen is a horrible old lady and her big-eared son is an idiot. Our Queen (i.e. Margrethe) is cool!"

(Although there are some really nasty rumours about Prince-Consort Hendrik).

But I do not do this sycophancy meard that is going about and will the Queen be the Britannic Franz-Josef?

As for your enthusiasm for repeating the historic insult of the Queen's numeral, I will let you indulge in your nostrophobia. Yeah, I know she could call herself Napoean IV if she wanted etc.

With Zita and Karl, I mean Kate and Wills quite possibly producing an heir in 2014, do you think they should call the bairn is a boy Robert David to mark the 700th anniversary? I wonder how Essex man would like the idea of the possiblity of a Robert IV/David III of the UK?

In tribute to this possible bairn and its great-grandmother, some music.

God save Queen Elizabeth!

(Och stop grumping, she was better looking and more regal than her contemporary, our own beloved, manic depressed tub of lard, the sage V R I)

And to the future King Robert---

God save all long serving monarchs-

The Aberdonian said...

Oh, this is much better video

Anonymous said...

Is that Christine Grahame or a Terrahawk?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile back in the real world, the electoral commission has said it won't consider any illegitimate unionist question. You couldn't make up the unionists if you tried. They are unfathomably stupid.