Sunday, 21 March 2010

Osama Saeed - well, well, well

I'm hardly breaking the news since I saw it on the front page of the Mail in the shop about 15 minutes ago, but apparently Salmond's best buddy Osama Saeed is resigning from his Scottish Islamic Foundation in the wake of a devastating auditors' report.

What are the odds on him staying as a Nat candidate, I wonder?

Don't think I need to comment further.

Other than noting that, of course, this is all the fault of "Westminster", and could not possibly have happened in an "independent" Scotland.


Not the Messiah said...

An asian candidate, Islamic centre, snp and a bit of financial auditing, no wonder you've worked yourself into a lather here.

You seem almost gleeful.

Tories eh, nasty party.

sm753 said...

It was obvious from the moment that this bloke and his "SIF" appeared that there would be trouble a' t'mill.

Nothing to do with his race or religion, just his views and agenda.