Saturday, 5 December 2009

Blogs: another two bite the dust

Two more Nat blogs fold.

Spookums has - apparently voluntarily - hung up the keyboard at the so-called "Advanced Media Watch".

No loss. He seems a fairly nice if naif chap, but I thought there was supposed to be more to blogging than vignettes from Spook's life and him saying "I love football and the SNP" over and over again.

When he wasn't calling named journalists c**ts.

And the shutters have gone up at Subrosa.

This is more interesting (and/or concerning), since apparently this is a response to her being "outed" and "threatened" by a "stalker". (Can't confirm this, since I wasn't there, and I haven't been able to turn anything up in the Google cache.)

Rumours suggest there is to be a story about Subrosa in the News of the Screws on Sunday. I would guess that this might be about a thread on her blog in which she and her circle of male admirers made some unfortunate comments about what they thought ought to be done to asylum seekers, and the fact that she boasts of being a mate of "Hapless" Swinney.

Of course, there was also the personal attack on Jenny Hjul of the Sunday Times. Or the remarks about "incomers" (see below).

I've blogged on Subrosa before. Frankly, anyone who puts up a picture of themselves and makes regular references to where they live and what they do / have done is not going to stay anonymous for long. Duh.

And that means that said blogger needs to exercise due care and attention about what they say and allow to be said on their blog. Particularly if they value their supposedly close links to politicians.

Polaris seems to be having a fine stab at whoever is going after the Nat blogs.

As for Subrosa's blog, again small loss. Most of the time it read like some sort of dating site for over-55s. Presumably this is still going on behind closed doors.

Oh, one more thing, love: no female resident of Broughty Ferry ever describes themselves as a "Dundee wifey".


Conan the Librarian™ said...

I'm almost tempted to buy the Screws tomorrow.
I've never had my picture in the papers before:¬)

Observer said...

I don't think we will see subrosa outed. She's not a member of the SNP and her blog was a personal one. If someone was threatening her on line I think that action was deplorable. She was a bit too right wing for me but her posts on Afghanistan were v interesting and she has family serving in the Army. Not a legit target in my view there is no connection to the SNP.

The thread you mentioned about asylum seekers caused a bit of a stooshie as I recall with Indy jumping in and reprimanding sr and then SU took it up. You were there.

What an incestuous little world this is.

I would love for CTL to be outed as his Hootsman mock ups are brilliant. But I reckon you've more or less outed yourself already Conan, and there's no way the MSM would run your mock ups they are far far too accurate.

sm753 said...

Interestingly, somebody from Trinity Mirror is keeping tabs on my posts about blogs shutting.


"Well hello there", to quote Obi-wan.

Reporters Sans Frontières said...

The outing out of bloggers identity is going to get a lot more interesting when the author of this blog is outed and named.

Wasting time and effort on a notorious blog fueled by self indulgence of grandeur under the cover of ' anonymity ' will be his downfall.

Very interesting parallels with the defence industry in this blog and the small matter of the Intelligence and Security Committee in the Cabinet Office.

Watch this one squeak.

Reporters Sans Frontières said...

Tory Bear says ' see ya '

sm753 said...

"Spring the trap", to quote Obi-wan again.


Polaris said...

Sorry, just showing my hand a little too much there...

sm753 said...

No probs, Polaris.

Sadly this person seems to have an exaggerated idea of my importance.

Polaris said...

I am beginning to wonder about how well advised my trap was. RSF is yet another incarnation of the same multi-monikered-moron - sigh

Perhaps should take my blog down?

subrosa said...

Really Sm753, you do excel at myths right enough.

Yes my blog is presently closed to all but those I invite.

Otherwise your information is, how can I put this politely... crap, yes that's the word.

I knew the Scottish blogosphere was a bit of a nasty place but I never realised just how nasty some can be. Fortunately out of the hundreds of emails I've received, only 5 were nasty and all from the same person.

Now there's a real fact for you.

This post has really done me a great favour. It's shown me who my true friends are because only a select few have the truth. You'll never know it.

Personal attack on Jenny Hjul? Auch away you go, buy yourself some humour.

Picture of myself? You do flatter me. Obviously you don't read my blog much and just scour for a sentence which you can twist to suit your weird attitude to life.

I won't go on wasting my time correcting your drivel. Sm753 you're beginning to sound like someone I know.

Polaris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Observer said...

Someone is over at tactical voting re-posting that shit from RSM claiming that 'Tory Bear' is going to out you. I have pointed out that you are a Tory. I think it would be something of an own goal.

I don't think you could understand any of this unless you were on an acid trip.

Observer said...

I should add I'm not so I don't understand any of it.

Jeanne Tomlin said...

They posted on CTL that they're outing you which is amusing. Seem to think that anyone who mentions nationalism IS a nationalist.

By the way, the comment that it is a photo of SR is TOO funny. I got a good chuckle from THAT one.

SR it is great to see you back. I was concerned.

sm753 said...

Er ladies, I do know who Marlene Dietrich was and what a photo of her looks like.

I am talking about Ruthie's other pic - the one at the top of her blog.

Now, off to see about being outed.

sm753 said...

OK, so my stalker is threatening to "out" me as a "Labour parliamentarian".

That should be interesting.

This is all a bit depressing. The current stalker is clearly nothing to do with the other blog shutdowns, it's just a sad little fantasist pretending he did.

subrosa said...

I see you just love to break one of the unwritten rules of blogging etiquette SM753. No real names unless on the blog profile. Then again what can one expect.

Can I tell you something in confidence? We ALL know what Marlene Deitrich looked like.

Only a few know what I look like.

Thank you Jeanne. :)

Damn, I've boosted your stats again!!

sm753 said...

OK Ruthie (sorry to break "etiquette", but you're on record as responding to that).

Maybe your banner pic isn't you, in which case you're not quite as stupid as I thought.

Well done.

But you've still been so incredibly careless with your PERSEC as to end up in your current situation, which you're whining about.

Think of it as evolution in action.

Reporters Sans Frontières said...

No one reads this dogs breakfast anymore now that the Wardog chap has moved on.

No debate just ludicrous soundbites from a decaying parliamentarian who is on his way out.

This blog is isolated and sits on the fringes of sanity.

Alison has a big mouth.

See Ya!

Observer said...

Perhaps it's time you moved on to another post, and then the above weirdo might depart, you were promising us your take on the referendum paper no?

Reporters Sans Frontières said...

Not long until Sunday chaps!

See Ya!

sm753 said...


Do I have to instruct my office girl to get all the papers again?

It wasn't worth it last weekend.

Reporters Sans Frontières said...

Kezia Dugdale will not be happy at you calling her 'Your office girl!'

See Ya!

Reporters Sans Frontières said...

Hello George, why are you hiding?